HUMMER vehicles were designed and built to travel to the ends of the earth - and let you test your limits when you get there. And while they are no longer being made, HUMMERS are still some of the most versatile vehicles on the planet, letting you connect with the outdoors in ways you never dreamed possible. Plus, each HUMMER model is distinctly unique. Just like the people who drive them.


Produtos e Serviços


- H3
- H3T
- H3X
- H3 Alfa
- H2
- H2 SUT



Hummer H2

GET TO ALMOST ANYWHERE AND BEYOND. In a world where SUVs have begun to look like their owners, complete with love handles and mushy seats, the H2 SUV proved during its production run that one could still drop and give you 20. With a more spacious, comfortable interior and a host of standard features, the H2 strikes a perfect balance between interior comfort and on-road and off-road capability. And its confidence-inspiring features, like Panic Brake Assist and StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System, prove once again that safety is an integral part of our DNA.

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