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Besides being a gorgeous woman, Petra Nemcova carries the kind of radiant personality and joie de vivre we all admire. Naturally glamorous and exquisitely spontaneous, the altruist model is the founder of the Happy Hearts Foundation, which rebuilds safe schools in zones damaged by natural disasters and is supported by Chopard Happy Diamonds. Generous, kind and beautiful, could there be a better combination?
In 2015, Petra Nemcova embodied the Chopard Haute Joaillerie seasons, diving into turquoise waters to celebrate summer or enjoying herself in a winter wonderland. We sat with her for an inspiring conversation on the outstanding collections she posed with and her special relationship with Chopard.
You share with Caroline Scheufele the will to help and support charity and she supports Happy Hearts Foundation. Could you please tell us a few words about your relationship with her?
Caroline has become a very special person in my heart. Since meeting her I feel that my life has become enriched by her generosity of spirit and soul. As you know, Caroline has supported the Happy Hearts Foundation and we collaborated to create a bracelet together of which 200 euros is donated to help the rebuilding of resilient schools. The joy of this is that all around the world the friends of Chopard can carry a little sapphire heart to resemble their continuous support of Happy Hearts Foundation and children.
You have created the Happy Hearts Foundation and made a partnership with Chopard Happy Diamonds collection; what do you think a piece of jewellery can bring the woman who wears it?
Empowerment and connectivity through the Jewellery. Each piece has a story behind it of how it was made, why it was made and why it was given. I love how the Jewellery has a meaning and each piece has a thousand words and stories behind it.
Do you remember the first time you have worn Chopard Haute Joaillerie?
It was at the Cannes Film Festival – it was a dream come true. I felt like I was in a fairytale.
Amongst all the breathtaking Chopard Haute Joaillerie pieces you have been photographed with, do you have a favourite one that you find truly exceptional?
The beryl necklace with matching earrings. It was just breathtaking how the light played inside the stone. This is not to forget the magnificence of The Green Carpet Collection.
You have been chosen to embody Chopard Haute Joaillerie because of your radiant energy and audacity. Do you feel like your personality is connected to Chopard’s spirit?
Absolutely! For me Chopard represents the perfect connection and embodies my spirit and joie de vivre. When I paid a visit to the manufacture, I was able to witness how much conciseness and thoughtful energy goes into each piece. This perfectly aligns with my work ethic and how I approach life.
Which season did you particularly like to embody for this campaign?
The Cannes Film Festival season because we shot spring, summer, fall, winter and CANNES FILM FESTIVAL SEASON! At Chopard there are Five Seasons every year.




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